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dayinsentenceicon-150x1501Welcome to Day In a Sentence week with St. Patrick’s Day.   For this weeks day in a sentence you may want to use more than one sentence. 

Compare your classroom to a ship. 

 Is your classroom more of a pirate ship, a submarine, or a cruise ship where everything is going great?

Tell why?

Please use the comment option to respond.  If you aren’t in the classroom pretend.

19 thoughts on “Day In A Sentence

  1. (Although I don’t currently have a classroom, my life with my wonderful husband and five young children, my doctoral studies and MSU and my work with the CRWP keeps me feeling like I am managing a classroom of sorts!)

    Sailing across the vast ocean, sometimes my sails are full and sometimes they are at rest, yet the wind always returns, propelling me forward in great gusts.

  2. “Keep you head above water,” I teasingly say to my students as they look at the ocean/beach theme in my classroom.

  3. All hands on deck! Your teacher suffers from sea-sickness unless she stays above, so all of you little children need to stay up here with me! No one goes below! TEACHER’S ORDERS!

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  5. I’ve been feeling a bit like a fishing bobber — floating along the surface of water and then suddenly, I am yanked down below the surface by all the things that need to get done.

    — Kevin

  6. Our compatible crew is practically sailing on autopilot in the sweet breezes of spring; the last third of our journey will be the best of all.

  7. This week has been like a trip on a stuffed city highway, stop and go and always in a hurry. Hopefully I’ll find my way off by the end of the week!

  8. I always seem to be on a small sailing ship, always bobbing along in search of new territory, sometimes becalmed but mostly sailing along at full speed with high waves of excitement in the classroom.

  9. Teaching a new course this year has made me feel like I am in a row boat atop Niagara Falls. I’m paddling as fast as I can, but I feel like I am half way off the lip. Aren’t adrenaline rushes great!

  10. Submarine re-surfacing after a long dip into the deep (well, since winter break anyway), and I can hardly wait to see the sky.

  11. My California district has joined Mathew’s on the titanic-like voyage….where, oh where, is the heroic tugboat of my childhood days, Little Toot???

  12. Library HO! Where literary treasure abounds! There is enough book booty for everyone to get their fair share! Be ye captain, sailor, helmsman, or crew, the WES library has a book for you!
    BTW – I love pirates!

  13. We’re all on one ship going the same course with many different paths to reach our final destination(differentiated instruction).

  14. Come sail away with me is our governor’s moto. Unfortunately, he doesn’t like the schools in our state stating, “there are a lot of bad schools” in this state. I think he wants us to send us “up the creek” or he is going to “sell us down the river.” I’m not sure which! Here we come Titanic!

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