Resources for Shoot & Write Marathon Aug. 1, 2011

Find some tutorials related to using at this site: .  Some of the screen shots are a little out of date, but I think it will give you the idea of how to create an account and upload photos to that account.

I highly recommend you acquire and email address such as yahoo or gmail to use in your online travels.  If you use your school email and you go to a different job you will no longer have access to that school email.  You can fix that problem on sites, but it is just easier to acquire an email address that is more mobil than your school or job related email address.

Happy Shooting.


Podcasting and Vodcasting April 24th

Anyone attending the April 24th Super Technology Saturday who wants to add a comment to this post please feel free to do so.  On the evaluations someone suggested that there be a reunion to discuss how individuals of the group used what we learned in the classroom.  Feel free to add to this discussion by using the comment feature.  Tell us how you are using the features you learned.  Jane mentioned wanting to have some perameters set before assigning this project to students.  If anyone comes up with a good scoring guide or expectations document and wants to share it here email it to me and I will post it as a page.