wwt Uses of PowerPoint

Teacher Uses

v Present materials

v Introduce self

v Introduce a unit

v As a review format-game

v Interactive game format as a review of material

v Notes available for absent students

v Writing Prompts –Example http://www.sr2.k12.mo.us/swalker/Journal%20prompts%2009-10_files/frame.htm


Student Uses:

  • Ø Present a digitized piece of writing—narrative, poem, story
  • Ø Science report, social studies
  • Present researched subjects—Any researched assignment—history makers in political science, art, music etc.  ROWP—Research, Organize, Write, Present
  • Ø Present review format—students may add questions to end of a PowerPoint
  • Ø Digitized book report/review http://www.sr2.k12.mo.us/swalker/moviemakerpage.htm These were done using MovieMaker, but could be done using PowerPoint. http://www.sr2.k12.mo.us/swalker/moviemakerpage.htm


Other ideas:

  • Create awards
  • Merge pictures and save as jpg to use in another project.
  • Save as html to upload to the Internet
  • Use the 7 X 7 rule



7 X 7 Rule

No more than seven lines to a slide.

No more than seven words to a line

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